Your HourADay Tutorial

Welcome: This is where you will find our complete Tutorial series for you to get started learning how to use the amazing HourADay system. We also have another system called Small Business Dream for small business owners. Since both of our systems works similarly, clicking on any of the Tutorials link below will take you to our Small Business Dream Manual.

Take your time and browse the pages one at a time or fast forward your learning by clicking  on the area you desire to find more information about. You will also see the complete list and our sections on the right side of this page under: Quick Access : Tutorial

Hour A Day Tutorial

Editing your Initial EmailsClick Here
Adding a ContactClick Here
Creating an Email SeriesClick Here
Editing an Email SeriesClick Here
Managing Contact CategoriesClick Here
Adding a Note & other FunctionsClick Here
Configuring your Sales FunnelClick Here
Setting Up your Presentation pageClick Here
Setting Up your Survey Questions pageClick Here
Setting Up your After Survey pageClick Here
Setting Up your After Opt-in pageClick Here
Setting Up your Landing Pages (Gateway)Click Here
Setting Up your Squeeze SurveyClick Here